Malibu Homegrown: Lexi Vintage

Lexi Kahl is a Cali girl through and through.

She grew up immersed in the quintessential California fashion vibe perusing flea markets and vintage store along the Pacific coastline. Lexi earned her stripes in the industry as an eclectic style-setter which quickly transitioned into finding and curating vintage pieces in Paris, New York and cities around the world.

Lexi Vintage was founded in 2011 and now as creative director, Lexi’s fined tuned passion for vintage fashion is expressed in her exclusive line of vintage and reconstructed vintage finds for men and women.

With her young son Glider growing up in a world that has now reached an environmental turning point, designing, selling and buying vintage has become more than just a passion. It’s sustainable fashion and it’s a mindset that must be adopted by everyone if we want to save our planet and have a healthy environment for our children to grow up in.

Lexi participated in the climate strike in Malibu on September 20th and has been posting regularly on social media, educating her followers on the misdeeds of the fashion industry and how they are affecting our environment.

“Companies fighting clothing waste have their work cut out for them. The average American throws out 70 pounds of clothing or household textiles a year. Only 15 percent of that is recycled, according to a report by the Environmental Protection Agency. The other 85 percent ― around 13 million tons of textiles in 2013 ― ends up in landfills, where it decomposes alongside other solid wastes, releases greenhouse gasses and contributes to global warming.” Lexi quoted the Huffington Post recently.

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Save the planet. Buy local. Buy vintage.


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