Established in 2013 as a passion project, Malibu Global Media Group created its first publication, 90265 Magazine, centering around the passionate people who have established Malibu as a globally recognized iconic coastal town.

In 2014, founder Cece Woods created The Local Malibu, an investigative reporting platform responsible for exposing the two-year law enforcement cover-up in the Malibu Creek State Park Shootings, as well as breaking multiple stories picked up by major media entities including New Yorker Magazine, GQ Magazine, The Guardian UK, People Magazine, and more.

With the success of The Local Malibu platform, Woods created The Current Report, a regional investigative news platform focused on uncovering the unvarnished truth behind Los Angeles politics.

The Malibu Global Media Group was developed as an umbrella for this evolving media empire and has evolved and expanded to include a new platform, Cali Mag, offering a behind-the-scenes, authentic look at the iconic California lifestyle.

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