Eco Entertaining with Evelina Eco Events

Evelina Christopherson is on a (life’s) mission to elevate peo- ple, organizations and companies that affect positive change in Malibu, California and around the globe.

Founder of Evelina Eco Events, a female-owned bene t corporation and certi ed B-corp that produces scalable sustainable eco-events, Evelina shares with Malibu 90265 Magazine exactly what she does and what drives her to create successful sustainable events.

Malibu 90265 Mag: What is a zero waste event?
EC: An event that uses regenerative practice to divert more than 90% of waste generated from going into a landfill.

Malibu 90265 Mag: What does it mean to be a certified B-corp or bene t corporation?
EC: We keep the well being of the planet at the forefront of our service to people and profit. Our purpose is to use business as a force for social, environmental and economic benefit.

Malibu 90265 Mag: Do you have any mentors?
EC: More like sis-tors! The sustainable sisterhood is strong and the list is long but to name a few that have directly inspired me and still do- Suzy Cameron (Malibu local and founder of the MUSE school), Ashlan Gorce Cousteau, Jaime Nack and my littlest, biggest inspiration, my sweet daughter, Coda Christopherson.

Malibu 90265 Mag: Most rewarding and challenging eco event to date
EC: Producing the rst ever zero waste events for UNICEF…in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles…on the same night!

Malibu 90265 Mag: Which of your event services do you think Malibu residents will enjoy the most?
EC: The Eco Bar, it is stunning! Organic liquors curated into custom cocktails by a cool cali crew. We also offer The Eco Bites Station, organic bite sized nibbles that are sustainably sourced and beautifully styled for that cool and conscious Cali vibe.

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Malibu 90265 Mag:  Call to Action
EC: Hire eee for your next eco event and submit this hashtag for a special rate for Malibu residents #MadeForMalibu

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