Stranger Flavours Podcast Episode 2 – An In-Depth Conversation with Michael Madsen

With a long history in beauty and fashion, former British born model Tara Owens spent her formative years traveling the globe working with the world’s most famous photographers and designers. During those formative years, Tara developed a unique perspective on global lifestyle and culture, eventually using that knowledge and experience working with multiple publications, including her current positions as Beauty and Lifestyle editor for Cali Mag and 90265 Magazine.

Evolving in the world of media, Tara recently created the Stranger Flavours (spelled the British way) podcast as an alternative and more personable approach to her editorial skills. In each episode, she brings to life the unique experiences and people she encounters every day, whether it be in her professional or personal life – and always with a Stranger Flavours twist.

In Tara’s second episode of Stranger Flavours, she has an in-depth conversation with iconic American actor – and of course a Malibu resident for decades – Michael Madsen, star of cult films Resevoir Dogs, Kill Bill and more. 

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