Managing Emotions

By Shawna Renee

These last 7 months have brought up so many changes and many emotions with them. 

Change itself forces us out of our comfort zone, causing us to feel deeply. As a single mom 

with a mortgage and family to care for, trust me, I feel many emotions deeply. I’ve learned, over the years, though, how to manage those emotions by looking to the thoughts that are causing them. Our thoughts fuel our emotions, which then, fuel our actions (or reactions), thus providing our outcome. So if we can sit with our thoughts to understand WHY we feel a specific emotion, we can literally change our desired outcome! Ask yourself questions like “What is causing my 

agitation?” or What emotions are weighing me down?” or “How do I want to feel instead?”

My favorite crystals for calming, soothing, balancing and grounding are the Calcite Family.

Our thoughts fuel our emotions, which then, fuel our actions (or reactions), thus providing our outcome.

The raw chunks are gorgeous in design! The striations feel cool and easy to the touch. They are great for meditating and sitting with yourself and your thoughts. I like to surround myself with a pile of multi colored calcites and let them absorb any stagnant, excessive or negative energy I have and replace it with calming, soothing, clearing vital energy. The colors correspond to the 7 Chakras but the stones can be held in your hands to receive their healing energy. 

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Diffuse some cypress, orange, lemon, lime or frankincense while you sit with yourself and be prepared to feel better. It’s the journey, not the destination, that allows for growth, and change is part of the process. Here’s to embracing change.

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