Bu Who – Malibu’s Most Interesting People: Alejandra Deluca

Spiritual goddess Alejandra Deluca, and owner of Malibu Meditations Journey, shares her passion for the magical, the mystical and the beauty of Malibu.

Why did you decide to settle in Malibu?

I first came to California in 2000, and starting working with a client that had a house here, coming here felt like home, like something was calling me to be here. I started coming more often and got more clients in the area. I knew I had to marry on Westward Beach and had an all white barefoot wedding. I came back to visit once to the same spot right before giving birth. I sat over the rock on the point and felt the same: I had to come here. I felt that my baby had to be here and when was still pregnant it was sort of a decision, jokingly, and yet serious. So one day Doug and I decided to leave our house in the Hollywood Hills and give it a try. I’ve  always been in love with the energy here. I was looking in Malibu  for a place to have my wellness center long before I even thought of living here.

Alejandra and Doug Deluca on their wedding day.
Alejandra pregnant on a rock in Malibu, not far from where she was married.

“I had to come here. I felt that my baby had to be here.”

What are the things you love about living in Malibu?

I have always loved the ocean, with Caribbean blood in me, the ocean calls me strongly. But there’s an energy about Malibu. It could be the oceans, and the way the waves crash – or the acuarela of colors of the sunsets throughout the years. The dolphins and whales are always a good omen to me. I see them passing by almost daily. It’s always a sign that good news is abound if we pay attention. I love the canyons too. The flowers during spring and the deep relationship of this land with ancestral wisdom. I always felt that Malibu is surrounded by energy vortexes and it is, in itself one. Paddle boarding is also a vehicle for meditation, and I have taken clients out into the ocean for healing and meditations. I’m also far enough from the city, as I’m not usually into big crowds, but close enough if I need to go there. For me, nature is so important. Communing with nature is part of my practice. Grounding, earthing, absorbing prana, cleansing my energy field in the ocean and recharging myself with negative ions… and now that we have a home, and also JOURNEY, I love it even more. 

Why do you do what you do? What is your “purpose”?

I love doing something that paints a smile on someone’s face. Something that uplifts your life or other’s. There’s so much joy in connecting within and being able to share the fruits of that connection with others eager to also connect. I knew since a very young age that I was meant to do something with my hands to help others and learned to meditate since I was a child with my grandmother, she was a spiritual teacher. I just felt an intense desire to help bring light into the world, and when I was an expert in software… well, that wasn’t helping my case. I was really good at it, but what I wanted was change in this world. The healing arts fascinates me. The magical, the mystical, and beyond the obvious. What can be felt, yet not always seen. The mysteries of life. I am also fascinated by the human design, and the energy field and for every time I performed a healing, or better, I was an instrument for others to heal, and results were positive, I fell more in love with it. I sit in a room with my group, no script.  I want to be able to connect with what everyone is looking for and to be able to be guided in how to guide the group. That’s pretty fascinating and life fulfilling for me. I am deeply grateful to the Spirit for that. 

Purpose… I do what I do to live in purpose and because it is my purpose in life.

Reach out, join efforts, help others, pray, heal, meditate, take action… and do it not just for you but for your community.

With others around you you get motivated, inspired and find the drive to push though obstacles.

What does community means to you?

The first thing that comes to mind, is that when I was living in Miami, and even in the Hollywood Hills, it felt as if no one was relating. When I came to Malibu, I was able to have a different experience, Malibu is a closely knit community. Back in my country we used to say “your neighbor is your best friend” – I truly think it takes a village to raise a child, and hopefully the village is all united in purpose, because there’s so much power in unity. 

When people come together, and set apart their differences, focusing together in one common goal, we accomplish more and we accomplish faster. We need each other, we are an ecosystem and we can only survive and blossom in community. With others around you, you become better at something, with others around you, you can measure your happiness and fulfillment. With others around you can access the collective wisdom, heal and transform together. With others around you, you get motivated, inspired and find the drive to push though obstacles. With others around you, you don’t quit, and when you feel like giving up, your peers will strengthen and refocus your goal and your drive. 

Having a tribe to lean on allows you to navigate throughlife with more faith, with more hope, with more trust that someone got your back … as you would do for someone you else, we live a more meaningful life when we are feeling more connected to others. 

It isn’t always easy, as we need to set aside our differences, our ego, it keep us accountable, and it pushes our boundaries. If we are truly open we can grow so much when we are together and focus in one goal, and that is the key for a thriving community: to focus our energy as a group in a conscious effort to serve a greater whole. 

In my world of healing and meditation I’ve experienced that group meditations are more powerful. As an example, When we meditate for peace, we say that a group of seven setting their intention on something specific have the power of 100 people meditating by themselves. 

You’d say that with the restrictions of current times, social distancing, this could be limiting, but a community doesn’t necessarily have to sit together in one space at the same time. Distance is only an illusion, and technology is certainly helpful these days. Reach out, join efforts, help others, pray, heal, meditate, take action… and do it not just for you but for your community and for the greater whole because, certainly, with others in mind you find purpose and meaning in life. 

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There are many levels of community: your family, your closer tribe, your city, your country… but the most important thought to realize is that earthlings… we are one community. One world. 

Together we are stronger. Together we are seen. Together we are better.

Journey Malibu  

30745 PCH Bldg N3  

Malibu, CA 90265  




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