Poison Free Malibu – “Rat Poison Poisons Kill Wildlife” Campaign in LA County

After a 13-year environmental battle in Malibu to become a poison free city to protect our wildlife and the ocean, the campaign has now expanded in L.A. County.

On December 9th, 2019, shortly after a protest by local environmentalists and supporters, spearheaded by Poison Free Malibu, the nonprofit organization founded by Malibu residents Kian and Joel Schulman, who fought for a ban in Malibu since the death of mountain lion P-25 from rat poison in 2012,  Malibu City Council voted unanimously to amend the Malibu LCP to prohibit the use of pesticides, including anticoagulant rodenticide and herbicides like Round-Up.

Kian and Joel Schulman of Poison Free Malibu



Local activists protesting in 2019.

Two years later the amendment was finally approved by the City and the Coastal Commission. Unfortunately, it took an additional two years for the city pass the initiative.

“Nearly every mountain lion, and other wildlife, tested in this area has these deadly poisons in their systems. If they survived it. Our community rallied to stop the poisoning, supported by 90265 Magazine. It took 12 years at Malibu’s City Hall to get an ordinance passed to forbid dangerous rodenticides. It’s finally in place. It’s an incredible accomplishment to see how dramatically the tide has turned as residents have gotten educated on how to protect our wildlife. They’ve learned to peacefully coexist by repelling unwanted rodents, rather than killing them. Malibu’s wildlife is starting to rebound. I hope that this model moves not only through California but across this country and continues across the globe.” – Jae Flora Katz

Local activists Jae Flora Katz and Diana Mullen

Now Poison Free awareness is spreading as billboards sponsored by a grant made possible by Los Angeles County Supervisor Lindsay P. Horvath have been installed in two locations.

The billboards were were brought to life by designer Silvia Berg and will be up for four weeks starting March 25th.

Poison Free Malibu also thanked Clear Channel billboard company in an Instagram post, as being “terrifically generous” with their efforts to make the campaign possible.

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The billboards are located on Westwood Blvd. looking south from Kinross Ave. towards Wilshire Blvd. and on the 15600 block of Ventura Blvd. in Encino.




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