Local Legend Matt Rapf’s Life Honored at Paddle Out

On March 4th, as the surfers paddled out to celebrate local warrior Lyon Herron who lost his decades-long battle with cancer shortly before Christmas. Just as the community was embarking on the healing, the community was forced to grapple yet another tremendous loss, Malibu legend Matt Rapf who sustained a heart attack in the ocean wading his way through the waves to pay tribute to his friend.

Rapf, a lifelong Malibuite who grew up in the Malibu Colony, touched many lives throughout the decades as a respected husband to Jill, father to Chloe and Luke, friend, mentor and realtor.

“Matt Rapf is the beloved son of Malibu. I don’t think there’s another person in our town who exemplifies all that is so precious about living in and loving this ocean hamlet. We’ll never forget Matt’s quote that will live on forever ‘Don’t change Malibu, let Malibu change you’. Matt was the very heart of Malibu.”
-Jae Flora-Katz

His life was celebrated Saturday, April 13th at Surfrider Beach.

Photos by Jean-Pierre Provo.


The Malibu community came together to celebrate local legend Matt Rapf on April 13th, at Surfrider Beach.


Matt Diamond and Matt Rapf’s wife Jill.


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Surfers preparing to paddle out to celebrate Matt Rapf.


Malibu icon Zuma Jay Wagner.


Malibu locals JP Peli, legendary surfer Allen Sarlo, Mitch Taylor.


The sky showed a lot of emotion as surfers made their way out to join the circle to celebrate their friend Matt Rapf.


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