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As an (almost) lifelong So Cal girl, beachy waves should be a no-brainer – but jumping in the ocean before editorial meetings or a big event is not always convenient.

Thankfully, good hair days are on the daily – and nothing makes a girl happier than a great hair. After countless visits and many questions on how to upkeep my hair after I leave the salon, rock star hair guru Nikki McCauley Corzine of Canyon Salon gave me the keys to the kingdom; a three step process, which includes two products from her brainchild Amai Beauty, an organic beauty product line she co-founded. And just like that, I go from straight hair to sexy and salty. I haven’t looked back since.

Nikki McCauley Corzine, rock star stylist and owner of Canyon Salon.
Nikki McCauley Corzine, rock star stylist and owner of Canyon Salon.

Here’s the quick and dirty guide to ‘beach waves for days’:


Lightning fast conditioning detangler that restores hair’s shimmer and shine. Infused with silk proteins to tame those frizzies. Comb through and allow to air dry.

2. Apply a dime size amount of MAJIK BEFORE & AFTER HAIR PERFECTER STYLING CREAM! SIZE: 1.7 FL. OZ Use this revolutionary leave-in conditioner on wet hair before styling, and for finishing for silky smooth frizz free shiny hair. Your hair is protected from heat styling and UV rays. It’s everything it says it is… Majik!

This is where the fun begins. Before you consider bringing on the heat, I suggest you consider the twist and tie foam rollers. I learned the hard and severely damaged my hair and with the barrel iron. But if you must, use on the lowest heat setting. You will still achieve the curl- and without the damage. I only use the barrel if I am in a hurry – and event then I would rather use my foam twist and tie and spray a little Sea Spray.

Heat up your curling wand, take small to medium strands of hair and wrap around the wand. Wrap the first strand around the wand clockwise, then wrap the next one counter-clockwise. Wrap sporadically throughout to give hair a more natural look.

Infinti YOU CURL by Conair, $28.50, amazon.com
Infinti YOU CURL by Conair, $28.50, amazon.com

3. Finish off with Texturiza Spray from Unite. Sleeping on it only makes it better, so the next day when you want to style your hair don’t shampoo! Use dry shampoo instead ( Nikki suggests Hair Refresher by Davines ) and spruce up with your curling wand – only the spots that need it – and finish off with Texturiza spray.

I can literally go 3-4 days with only using dry shampoo in between touch ups and the waves only look better. The process will take barely more than 10 minutes (most of the time). Guaranteed great hair days ahead! -Cece Woods 


Cece Woods

Founder, Editor Chief, Creative Director

Cece Woods is the Founder, Editor in Chief and Creative director of 90265 Magazine. Founded in 2013, Cece set out to create a magazine that celebrated the authentic Malibu lifestyle. 90265 Magazine is a respected local brand with a global audience.

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