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Say No To The Knife!

Say No To The Knife!

Nova Threads is a new and improved, minimally invasive procedure that provides powerful results rivaling the OG Facelift .

A little over a decade ago, I experienced a profound, middle-age defining moment. My daughter, barely out of high school, gasped and said “Mom! You are getting wrinkles!”. I must say, that took a minute to process, however, I was settled into my marriage and had a low-key career that didn’t dictate my appearance. So, with no real sense of urgency to jump in the rejuvenation game,  I thought why not stay in denial a little while longer, right?

Then, in  2018, my life changed dramaticaly. I was suddenly single, thrust in the dating pool, and a career with significantly more exposure in the public eye. No more delays. It was time to take anti-aging game seriously.

Shortly thereafter, the beauty gods intervened. I was asked to become a beauty ambassador with Shonan Beauty and Wellness. This golden opportunity opened the door for me to experience a myriad of rejuvenation procedures under the skill and care of Dr. Katarina Riboni  and Dr. Yoko Suzuki.

As with anyone in middle age looking to make improvements, the goal was to dramatically lift and tighten – without surgery.  Dr. Riboni suggested Nova Threads, absorbable sutures (the same used on cardiac patients)  placed underneath the skin to lift the loose skin, which heals itself by naturally creating new collagen. The threads dissolve in 4-6 months and the effects of the treatment can last up to 2 years. It would provide the most significant improvements, in the 20%-40% range, with virtually no downtime.


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Understanding the science behind the treatment, Dr. Riboni designed a protocol which includes layering Nova threads throughout the face every 2-3 months, over a 6 month period. The results? Nothing less than dramatic creating the youthful appearance I lost long ago. 

I FaceTime with my daughter frequently, and when she sees me, her gasps have taken on quite a different tone after that middle-age-defining moment over 10 years ago. She notices my skin’s transformation from aging, to ageless: “Mom! you like a younger version of me!”

Shonan Beauty and Wellness, 22 Odyssey Ste 200, Irvine, CA. 92618      949.333.2929


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