Go With Your Gut : The Microbiome Speaker Series June 20th is a MUST for Malibu Health & Wellness

The Microbiome Speaker Series is proud to present Dr. Sabine Hazan-Steinberg, a pioneer woman gastroenterologist.  She will be speaking on the power of bacteria in the gut.  Under the mentorship of Dr. Sami Achem at the University of Florida, Dr. Hazan-Steinberg began conducting research trials during her first year as a clinical gastroenterology fellow.  As the first woman gastroenterology fellow and as a ground-breaking physician, she has faced an uphill battle but always persevered, putting her patients’ needs first.

Dr. Hazan-Steinberg has 23 years of research trial experience, spanning more than 300 trials of both drugs and natural therapies through her company, Ventura Clinical Trials.  Recently she has put her focus on the microbiome, which can have an astonishing impact on human health and disease.  She is a firm believer in individualized medicine, because every person has a unique physiology and microbiome.  “I use logic when practicing and try to think outside the box. I always remind myself that much like every fingerprint is different, every patient’s symptom is different, and one cannot practice like a robot.” Dr. Hazan-Steinberg is particularly interested in how sequencing of the microbiome can help us learn about how the various components can impact overall health and potentially cause disease, not just in the gut but in the entire body.

Living in beautiful Malibu with her husband and two daughters has given her an appreciation for the natural beauty that surrounds us, and what must be done to protect it.  Microbes play a critical role in the ecosystem, and she strives to protect the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area from harmful human impact.

Cece Woods

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