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90265 Magazine Feature Interview: Kelly Gores

90265 Magazine Feature Interview: Kelly Gores

Producer, Writer, Director of the Documentary Film HEAL

By Patsy Palmer

I live a lot of my life tuned into synchronicity and love all of the teachings of the masters such as Micheal Beckwith and Joe Dispenza (to name a few) as so much of our physical body depends on our mind in order to function at its full potential.

Last summer, while visiting Mammoth Lakes, I discovered a documentary called Heal. When I was asked to be Wellness Editor of 90265 Magazine, I was excited to see who would inspire my first interview and how I would meet them. Shortly after, I bumped into Kelly Gores, the director and producer of Heal the documentary. 

I’m delighted Kelly agreed to share her wisdom with our readers and if you haven’t seen HEAL yet, it’s worth a watch.

PP: What was your biggest wake up call in life and how has that shaped your experiences? 

KG: Hmm, this is tough.  I think there was a few little wake up calls throughout my life that led me to learn more about the incredible intelligence and potential of our bodies and minds, as well as develop an affinity to a more holistic and natural approach to health. 

In high school, I got really sick after a camping trip and my glands were swollen like golf balls on the side of my neck. Long after I felt better, my glands remained swollen. I was given antibiotic after antibiotic and nothing worked. I was tested for mono and Epstein Barr and all those tests came back negative.  It was a mystery.  Finally, after 6 months, the doctors ordered a lymph node biopsy and I went under general anesthesia and they made an inch long incision in the side of my neck.  Tests came back saying all was normal and benign.  A month later I went to my mom’s chiropractic appt with her, and the chiropractor felt my glands, and told me to take a shot of apple cider vinegar twice a day for a week.  Sure enough 7 days later my glands were back to normal. That was when the seeds were planted for a more natural and holistic approach to health and healing. 

Then when I was about 28, I started getting acid reflux and digestive issues. The gastroenterologist wanted to put me on Prilosec. Intuitively it didn’t feel right at all. I was running marathons and was the outward picture of health.  Something didn’t resonate of having to take a pill for a reaction my body was having. I knew there had to be a root cause that I could address. I enrolled in the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, or IIN, and learned about every fad diet in history and also how bio-individual we all are and there is no one size fits all diet.  We need to listen to our body and it will tell us what works and what doesn’t. What it needs and wants.  I woke up to the fact that eating frozen yogurt in the afternoons and “healthy” Kashi cereal for dinner some nights, and drinking cheap red wine (I was an actress on a waitress salary!) all led to an acidic reaction and symptoms in my body.  A few changes and my reflux and digestive issues disappeared overnight. That’s when I woke up to the fact that AWARENESS IS EVERYTHING. 

Lastly, I saw the movie The Secret and learned about energy and the law of attraction. That set me on a path of having a daily gratitude practice and learning everything I could about quantum physics, law of attraction, manifestation etc. Around the same time I started meditating and going to the Agape International Spiritual Center and I became so empowered through my new spiritual awareness and practices, that I had the knowing that I wanted to stop acting and make an empowering film about possibility, awareness, and hope. 

PP: Will you be making another documentary? 

KG: I am actually not making another doc! I know what it takes to complete a documentary. HEAL was such a calling that I simply HAD to do it, even if I didn’t feel equipped or experienced enough to do it myself. I had learned at Agape that just like an acorn holds everything needed to become an oak tree, so too does a dream or a calling in someone’s heart. If you have the dream or calling, you also have everything needed to see it realized. All that to say, unless I have that strong pull again where I simply have no choice but to do another documentary, I am not going to do one. I would consider doing an ongoing Netflix or other streamer series as an extension to HEAL since there is SO much to explore in the world of healing, spontaneous healing, and true health. 

PP: Who is your biggest inspiration?

KG: This is a tough question. I am inspired by so many people everyday.  Obviously, like many people in the motivational and inspirational world, Oprah is a big inspiration as an example of confidence and defying all societal odds and achieving an extraordinary level of success.  

I would say Jesus is one of my greatest teachers.  I believe he was teaching us that we all had the powers to create and experience miracles like he did. It was all about belief and faith, Forgiveness and non-judgment for him. And as I learned in the making of HEAL, the power of placebo and the science of epigenetics, BELIEF, LOVE, and FORGIVENESS are essential to healing and peace.

 And lastly, and this might be cheesy, but my husband is my greatest inspiration every day. He is a self made very successful business man, but he operates with strength but also integrity and kindness. He is the most forgiving person I know, he is generous without condition, he has this incredible ability to see things differently and think outside the box, and he is not afraid to take huge calculated risk because he is not afraid of making a mistake or of what others think. The last two things (fearing making a mistake and what other people think are big weaknesses of mine that I am working on. So he inspires me everyday and I am grateful to have a front row seat to such a powerful and inspiring example. 

PP: Do you have a routine ? Are you are believer in routine for mental health or do you believe in being spontaneous ? 

KG: I am a huge believer in tools and daily practices for mental health. I hesitate to call it a routine because I have a 2 year old and I have to get in my practices where they fit in.  

We are inundated with information everyday and over 75% of it is negative and disempowering. We are seeing this very clearly throughout the pandemic. If we don’t have daily practices and tools to shelter from the overstimulation and negativity, to reset our nervous systems, and to create space and peace in our minds, we will slowly head into a dis-ease state because we will be in a chronic stress response which is debilitating to our bodies.  Here are some things I try to incorporate everyday for mental and physical health: 

MEDITATION: This is KEY for me. Life changing really. Marianne Williamson likens meditation to a shower.  We wash the accumulated sweat and pollutants off of our skin everyday as general personal hygiene. We need to release the accumulated stress, negativity, and fear we have accumulated in our minds everyday as well! And meditation is a great way to do this.  It incorporates deep breathing too which is incredibly detoxifying. And of course, when we release the accumulated stress of our minds, we create space to be able to respond to life rather than react unconsciously, as well as hear our internal guidance or intuition, and reset our nervous system by activating the parasympathetic nervous system which allows for rest and repair of tissues and organs. 

MOVEMENT:  Exercise is just as important for my mental health as it is for my physical health. It clears my head and releases endorphins which is our body’s natural morphine.  

EARTHING/GROUNDING: Walking on the beach with bare feet or putting your bare feet in the earth is incredibly beneficial to my mental and physical health.  When you connect to the negative ionic charge of the earth, research shows that it lowers your blood pressure, speeds healing, and causes a sense of emotional well being and inner peace. 

GRATITUDE: Everyday I write in a journal what I am grateful for and I also fantasize and give thanks for things I desire as if I already had them. It is a fun exercise that literally changes my energetic frequency and makes me feel so elated and grateful inside.  Every morning, right when I wake up I say Thank you for another day, another adventure in the game of life. Every night I say thank you for my health, my loved ones, and anything wonderful that I experienced that day. Gratitude is so powerful.  What you appreciate, appreciates. 

PP: Do you believe in the law of attraction?

KG: Big time. I have witnessed it work first hand in my life. I have an incredible life and a lot to be grateful for, but I have been diligent about my gratitude practice and meditation practice for 14 years. So, what came first? Its one hundred percent because I practice gratitude on a daily basis and do a manifestation meditation almost everyday where I fantasize about things I desire as if I already have them and feel into my future in the present moment. This shifts my frequency and sends out a strong electromagnetic signal into the field and I continue to attract more and more things or qualities of life to be grateful for.  Are there rough patches where I feel it isn’t working? Yes of course, but I know the law of attraction never waivers so when I hit a block or a rough patch, it’s a signal for me to look within and see where there is a subconscious belief that isn’t aligned with my conscious beliefs or desires. The law of attraction is as real to me as the law of gravity.

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PP: If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

KG: Hmm. I am very blessed to live in my dream home on the beach in Malibu. But I LOVE Hawaii so maybe there…and I think New Zealand and Australia are pretty special, but I am going to stay in Malibu for now.  

I believe everything starts from a thought so what tips do you have on being the master of your own mind? 

I kind of mentioned it above but MEDITATION and a GRATITUDE PRACTICE.  I recommend reading books like Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Mind or Wishes Fulfilled by Dr. Wayne Dyer, The Game of Life and How To Play It by Florence Scovel Shin, The Law of Attraction by Abraham Hicks, and explore the meditations and courses by Dr. Joe Dispenza. 

PP: Do you have any regrets on the journey? 

Hmm. I lightheartedly regret pursing acting and not a career in sports reporting in my 20s and 30s. I am a sports nut and am so knowledgeable so I feel like I missed a calling there. BUT of course, I probably wouldn’t be on the same spiritual journey as I am now. So really, no regrets!! 

Were you always a film maker? 

I grew up acting and modeling in LA from the age of 5 years old so I was on and around film and tv sets my whole life. I always wanted to be a director but HEAL was my first film I wrote, directed and produced. 

What words of encouragement would you give to our readers today?

Anything is possible!!! EVERYONE believed it was NOT humanly possible to break a 4 minute mile until Roger Bannister trained, believed, and ran the first sub 4 minute mile. Within a month more people began to run a mile under 4 minutes. You

must believe it to achieve it!  Learn about the law of attraction, the placebo effect, and the science of epigenetics. Our beliefs are everything and so much more is possible than we are conditioned to believe.  Where can you be the Roger Bannister in YOUR life? 

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