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Surf Blue. Live Green. – Earth Friendly Gift Wrapping Options (not just for the holidays!)

Surf Blue. Live Green. – Earth Friendly Gift Wrapping Options (not just for the holidays!)

Cece Woods

Every little effort towards utilizing eco-friendly options, especially during the holidays, supports the fight to save our planet. Holiday gift wrap is at the top of the list when it comes to consumer waste during the holiday season. Do your part and use these creative, sustainable, eye-catching alternatives instead of non-recyclable gift wrap that ends up in our local landfills.

DIY Furoshiki Gift Wrap 

When it comes to sustainable gift-wrapping, Furoshiki is the perfect eco-conscious choice. Elevated Giving Expert Simone LeBlanc has created a number of sustainable options for gift-giving for all occasions. Follow how-to directions HERE.

DIY Hand Dyed Gift Wrap

Another way to to put a spin on your Furakami gift wrap is dying fabrics naturally to make beautiful gift wrapping alternatives. By dyeing fabrics and then wrapping your presents in them, you elevate the gifting experience to something more personal.

Elevate your holiday gifting experience and follow directions to use this technique here.

DIY Festive Fabric Wrapping

Fabric and flowers are a beautiful visual combination for your sustainable gift wrapping alternative – especially for that creative someone who loves flowers and can transfer to a small vase and repurpose the fabric into another project.

Combining flowers and crystals with vegan leather and natural ribbon created this unique gift wrap alternative.

Make your holiday season as sustainable as possible. Think about your purchases, and reduce your carbon footprint.

Surf blue. Live Green.

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