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Intuitive Hat Designer Teressa Foglia: Malibu Outpost is Dedicated Sustainability and Design

Intuitive Hat Designer Teressa Foglia: Malibu Outpost is Dedicated Sustainability and Design


At the beginning of summer, a new kind of coastal which hit the Malibu style scene. Hat designer Teressa Foglia opened her new west coast outpost in the Malibu Country Mart bringing a new kind of bespoke, on of a kind design to our little global utopia. A kind of design that not only screams sensibility and chic, it also falls in line with our core values and dedication to the environment.

Recently, I had a chance to speak to Teressa and her creative partner Tyler before they headed to Burning Man for a four day (give or take) fashion binge followed by fashion weeks in NYC and Paris.

We spoke about how Teressa has incorporated conscious design, creatively, intuitively and eco-friendly, to the process of producing each hat;

Sustainability Through Hats:

1. Economic
a. Three primary suppliers account for 75% of our raw materials. Two of them are the third generation in their business working with fair trade wages, working conditions and workers rights. We know every supplier and have seen all aspects of their supply chain including factory tours in various countries. We support sustainable livelihoods in Ecuador, Canada, Czech Republic, three states in the United States and multiple families in New York City.

2. Environmental

  1. Toquilla straw is naturally grown and all fur is wild caught. In some circumstanceswe will use 100% organic cotton or organic wheat braid.
  2. All hats are made-to-order meaning no excess and no waste.
  3. We have a 0 waste for all fabrics in our studio. Excess materials are donated to local universities and kids programs.
  4. We upcycle vintage felt hats for special one-of-a-kind pieces in our studio.
  5. We prefer to upcycle vintage silks for the linings in our hats.
  6. As a studio, we’re committed to no plastic in our day-to-day living includingbringing our own plates + coffee cups for meals while at work.
  7. Our employee training program covers sustainability awareness .
  8. Using the highest-quality fabrics allow our hats to last for generations. We encourageour customers to come back and redesign their hats should they want to for a design fee.

3. Social

a. We really believe in supporting our community. We have donated over 100+ hats to silent auctions, charities and give % back to our partners throughout the year.

Quite simply, Teressa Foglia hats are a must-have – even if you aren’t into hats, you will be once you experience the process of designing and purchasing (at least) one.

After our conversation regarding the process of creating and designing her hats, Teressa took my hat measurements, asked me a few questions and 3 weeks later I received an email that my hat was at her store ready for pick up at the Malibu Country Mart.

I has no idea what to expect, possibly something simple based on our conversation, but was more than pleasantly surprised when I saw the hat in person. I am a very simple person, and very specific about colors and designs I wear so to say that Teressa has an intuitive sense when she designs for clients is an understatement.

As a creative myself, I couldn’t have designed a more perfect hat for myself, and it proves that sometimes you have to think outside the box. In this case, the hat box!

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