Cafecito Organico

Mitch Hale shares his dedication to sustainability and a little history on Cafecito Organico.


Sustainability at Home

Our interest in sustainability extends beyond coffee to all our products including our dairy, non-dairy, sweeteners, disposables, cleaning products, etc. Since our founding we have adopted the principles of zero waste and work with our partners to achieve this goal. We also make sure our employees are paid wages significantly above minimum, invest in their continued training as baristi, involve them in making decisions related to their respective stores, and require their assistance in managing the stores. We currently share a roasting facility in the South Bay and are using a green coffee roaster designed to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions by up to 80%.

Our Cafe o Muerte (coffee or death) slogan exemplifies the three principles that guide our work in the US. First, for many of us, besides the delicious taste of coffee, if we haven’t had our caffeine fix it’s cafe o muerte! Secondly, our involvement with local community groups and grassroots organizations in the neighborhoods where our stores are located allows us to partake in addressing a variety of social issues.And lastly, as specialty coffee becomes a true craft in the US, it is becoming a viable career choice for many.We are playing a key role in providing those opportunities for career cafecitas.

We understand that the coffee we buy from the people who bring it from the earth, becomes the food they eat, the schools they attend and the health care they receive. For that reason we are proud to put our certification on each and every bag — Grown on Earth by Humans.





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