Rock Star Style: Actress and Activist Daryl Hannah

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Actress and activist Daryl Hannah’s classic, rock n roll, bohemian style is a culmination of an unmistakably chic aesthetic from her filmmaking and music background and a devotion to standing up for the rights of the environment and those less fortunate.

Putting it all together creates ageless, timeless fashion that fits the Malibu vibe.

Daryl Hannah at our cover shoot for 90265 Magazine.
One of Daryl’s favorite pieces, the “Vanesa” Jacket from
Honor the Treaties “The Black Hills” T-shirt, artwork by Shepard Fairey.
Dreamweaver bag by Spell Designs
DAKINI designs by AleMa Alejandra DeLuca.
Daryl Hannah photographed for 90265 Magazine by Peter Augustin.





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