Surf Riders – Raw and Untouched.

Surfrider Beach, Malibu, CA. World renowned surf spot since the 60’s. Photographer Peter Augustin captures the essence of the stoke as surfers exit the water immediately after a stellar ( or not so stellar ) surf session.

Below are the tried and true locals. The stewards of Surfrider.

Drew Newman – “Surfing is more than riding a wave. It’s about having fun and spreading the Aloha spirit.”
Timothy Hazelip -“I was 13 years old the first time I surfed Malibu. I hope I am 113 when my friends paddle my remains into the lineup for my final session. The other day, a guys asked me if Surfrider was my second home. I said NO, my house is my second home. Surfrider is my first.”
Ana-Luisa Ahern – “My days are always better after a surf. Surfing is good for my soul.”
Jeff Snyder – “I started surfing Malibu when my daughter jess read the book Gidget at 12 years old. She’d been surfing a year. She loved the Malibu mystic. It was a perfect fit. We’ve put in close to 250 days a year, surf or no surf. A few years ago she started Mint Clothing Co. based on the beach lifestyle. To me, 1st point is a little like the TV show Cheers. You go because it’s familiar.”


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